The tiny square paper sat on my tongue. Its structure became soggy, forcing me to chew and swallow it. To think that a piece of paper the size of a button on a cell phone could change the way things are and will be is completely mind-boggling. Maybe now I can explore the self from deep inside the conscious.
The couch I was sitting on, its fabric rough and uncomfortable to the skin, was ruining my buzz. I chugged my beer, and decided that I should call it a night. I already drank before and after work. Why keep drinking? I thought hard to myself, I must have a problem. So what is it that I can do to make me a stronger human being?

The bass of the enormous subs in the house sucked me back to reality. This party was something I shouldn’t be at. Unfamiliar faces walking around, some staring but, some drinking and laughing.

“Not even Frank the Tank could bank this stank! This right here is the Dank!” offered a short African-American man. “Or is life to slow? Try some of this here blow.”

“Nah man I prefer not the weed or the speed.” I replied. I chose to come clean, tonight, I don’t need to pollute my nose or lungs. In fact I don’t ever need to do something like that. What could I profit from feeling good from an outside force? If not happy within one’s self, then one would not be happy at all.

“You snooze you loose, just drink some more booze.” The man said, after seeing my empty red Dixie cup.

“I don’t think I’ll drink another ounce, in fact I just might bounce.” I said to him.
“Don’t clown, with that frown. Ride then, I won’t make a fuss. Just remember you’ve missed the bus.”
He was right. The bus had left this castle on the mountain. It would return though, probably after the 5-0. I got up from the couch, and walked through the many people crowding the path to the door. This party must come to an end for me, the Fairbanks festivities must have started getting underway. Maybe I can go watch that and reflect on my life under the midnight sun.

I can feel something now, abnormal. I started to laugh. My life is very funny. Soon I couldn’t breathe. The laughter was non-stop. I put my hands on my knees and tears flowed from my eyes. That guy in the party, the people, the festival…. everything just so funny. Wait. I was staring at the floor now, and I could see in detail the intricate lines of designs on the floor. I blinked and they were gone. I kept staring and slowly they formed again, moving around. Shapes and forms I’ve never seen before. Amazing. I took a couple deep breaths.
I had only walked for, I can’t remember. I really have no idea. I looked at my left wrist to check the time. Wow, the hairs are dancing. My happy, happy arm. I could hear a vibrant noise. Like a plane flying in and out of a valley, but amplified, in my head. Then it was silent. Then it continued up and down, music of the plane coming in and out of my head. Where is this coming from? I started to laugh some more. Crazy. I looked to my left, or what I thought could be left and could see the trees dancing on either side of the road.
I turned around, trying to see this plane enter my head and exit. The noise now really loud, coming from right in front of me. Through all the colors and the dancing trees and confusing thoughts and sounds, I caught a glimpse of the honking Volvo. Its front bumper hit me in my kneecaps. Then my face slammed through the windshield. Up and over my body flipped over, but my neck held in place by the clamps of glass holding my head in the windshield. My neck snapped and night came.

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